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Dreamers® are a branding, digital design and communication agency based in Antwerpen.

We create unique visual identities that consumers love and talk about.

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Why we do what we do

You started your business and you want it to succeed. Your brand is pretty much the most important thing there is. It wants to stand out. It wants to be talked about. It wants to grow. It wants to be the Nike of its niche market. The Heinz Tomato Ketchup of its region. Or the next Coca-Cola, if you please. Sadly, not every brand finds its way to memorable branding — we have often witnessed things go awfully wrong.

Nowadays your business will barely survive without a branding experience that sticks. We aim to meet that need by making branding accessible. Why? Because we all have the right to a strong brand.

Because we all have the right to a strong brand

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Still got questions?
Here are our answers.

Part of what we do is design. But what we are really good at is creating brand experiences. Design – be it logo, web or brand design – is just a part of these brand experiences. So yes, we do offer design, but as part of the package we call branding.

Yes, we do.

The logo is the foundation of your company's brand. A good, professional logo enables you to build a prosperous and successful business by attracting your target group. By investing in a professional logo design you can distinguish yourself from the competition, create a professional visual presence and maintain consistency across all touch points of your business. A good logo is an essential part of your brand identity (but it is not the only part). A good logo should not be too literal and should not contain dozens of graphic elements. Most iconic logos are simple and modern, even without illustrations or icons. A good logo should identify the company or product in a way that is recognizable and memorable.

Yeah, we do, but we always keep a close eye on the branding part.

No, we deliberately choose not to. We design Webflow websites. Webflow is an application that allows designers to build responsive websites with browser based visual editing software. For us, designing Webflow websites is a more comfortable, or natural, way of working. This allows us to work faster and more cost-efficiently. Webflow removes the guesswork and lets you, the client, experience the design before signing off on it. Besides, Webflow’s CMS editor allows our clients to edit content right on the live website in a controlled environment without having to fear of bringing it all crashing down. The end result are beautiful, pixel perfect and unique websites that your customers will talk about.

Branding is an experience. It is the way you make your target audience feel, what they imagine when they think about your company. It is a psychological relationship between the company and the customer.

Yes, there is. Branding is intangible, it is what you want your customers to feel when they think about your business, in other words, branding is an experience. Brand design (or brand identity, or visual identity) is tangible, it is the face of your brand, the visual side of your business.

Dreamers® were founded by senior brand designer Filip Sas in 2020. Filip has over 15 years of experience in the industry and until recently worked at Brandhome, B.U.T. and Kunstmaan | Accenture Interactive. He started Dreamers® from the awareness that there are a lot of small companies that do not know where to go for their brands' needs. Large branding agencies often require huge budgets, which small and medium sized companies do not have just lying around. Well aware that these too are entitled to memorable branding experiences, Filip believed the time was ripe to set up a small branding studio that would focus on this type of businesses. Because we all have the right to a strong brand.

Face-to-face consultations are the best way to ensure a comprehensive approach to your goals. If you are new to Dreamers® and your company is located in Antwerp, your first consultation will be completely free of charge. We'll even come to your office for a first one hour brainstorm session. No strings attached. It is this personal way of working that yields the greatest impact for your brand. Before we start building out ideas, we get to know you and every detail of what you do. From here, we create a framework of knowledge delving into exactly how you do business, and where – from our fresh perspective – the opportunity really lies. Filling out the free consultation form on our website is your first step to ensure the best outcome for your product or brand!

Yes, we do. We know from experience that many start-ups wish to tackle the branding part of their business on their own, and that this is not always easy. We want to respond to that. We therefore offer brand workshops for small groups of 8 people, consisting of four 2-hour modules: brand audit & strategy, naming, logo design, web design. Follow our Instagram or Facebook accounts for updates on where and when these workshops take place.

Since we are a small studio, usually no more than 2 people work on your project. After years of working closely with specialists from a wide range of disciplines at large communication agencies, we have noticed that small teams produce stronger brands. Instead of hiring too many overpaid people, we choose to bundle all our expertise and knowledge gained over the years. We believe this way of working saves lots of precious time, is budget-friendly, and makes for more unique brand experiences.

At Dreamers®, it is you, the client, not us, who set the price. Why is that? Every time we enter a potential client meeting, we go in with the lens of helpfulness: we are not here to make a sale, we are here to be helpful. In other words, we always put your needs ahead of our own sales agenda. What are your goals? How can we minimise your risk? How can we help to deliver the most value? These three questions will allow us to diagnose your challenges, on the basis of which we determine if we can truly help you. If we feel we cannot genuinely help you as a prospect, we will walk away from the job. If we do feel that we can be of any help, it will be you, the client, who determine the price. Still a bit puzzled what we are talking about? Give us a call, we will explain it for you.